A mysterous robed figure of some Arcane tradition.


Maculate is of an unknown Elven origin. His dappled skin of a stark black/white contrast may indicate that origin. Or perhaps it is merely the result of some Arcane experiment gone awry. It is clear he does not trust those around him and, for some reason, constantly seems to be murmuring under his breath.


Maculate is a Drow born with the undisguiseable defect of his dappled skin. Within the strict confines of Drow society, this lead to his own ostracism and the “purge” of his parents to cleanse their tainted blood lines.

He grew up in the Underdark. An orphan. An object of ridicule and scorn. His thirst for justice for his parents and his growing disdain for everything that Drow society represented lead him to seek out a solution. Ultimately, he found it.

Or rather, it found him.

Now a disciple of something he only knows as “The Old One”, Maculate stole a valuable item from a prominent Drow house and fled into the wilds of the Underdark. On his way towards the surface he found himself, through misadventure, in the company of a number of light-dwellers. Their adventures, ultimately, lay before us…


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